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About future Restaurants by Only Cooks

How to order


A customer takes a seat. 
A customer  scans  the code and open the ordering menu. 

After a customer ordered, at the same time payments are finished.

A staff brings foods

You don't need to talk with staffs. 

You don't need to stay in a line at outside stalls. 
Staffs also accept orders easily. 
They can recognize them visually. 

Delivery service by autonomous vehicles 


As far as it's in a deliverable area, foods are delivered. 
It's delivered even if you are outside.
You don't need to teach where you are. 
All you have to do is set location information on. 

A autonomous delivering vhicle chases you. 
This vhiecles doesn't have a driver seat. 
This one has only carrying bed. 
This is electric vhicle and small than you think. 
When this vhicle has come to you, you open door using smartphone and take out. 

Only cooks in  restaurants 


This vhiecles come to collecting dirty dishies or towels or another cooking devices. 
At same time this vehicles bring washed stuffs and ingredients. 
So cooks can concentrate cooking.