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About future Shopping Mall like City

Shopping mall like theme park 


It will be built malls like theme park in surburban area.

For example it will be the mall like streets in Paris. 
This is a mall like city. 
It has vast parking outside and pedestrian zone inside. 
There are restaurants, drugstores, supermarkets, convince stores, bars, and hotels.  
This mall has almost everything to be needed for our daily life. 
This is the mall like real city center. 

The mall like ancient Japanese city


Another mall is like old Japanese city. 
There are tasty sushi restaurants and tenpra restaurants. 
There are also big onsen public bath or beautiful well maintained gardens in shrine. 
Here is very comfortable to spend a time. 

Old style tea rooms which is seen in movies are very match in this mall. 
Ofcause this mall also has normal restaurants,drugstores, convince stores or supermarket. 
Thus on the contrary to normal same routine like shopping mall, these city like mall will appear.