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About future Disappeared Mediators

Ordering task


Orderer asks task through app. 

For example it is a task to conect air conditioner. 
Some worker who wants to accept applicators this task. 
The price will be around half to normal price. 
Because there is no midiators between these persons. 
Orderer decides the worker checking introduction or reviews and pays through app. 
The worker has to accomplish with the price that it is agreeded at first. 
The worker can't claim additional charge. 

The end of task


Its payed like Airbnb after reviewed each other without trouble. 
No worker applicates the task of low rated orderer. 
No Orderer decides high incomed technical task to low rated workers. 

Disappeared managers or office workers


It doesn't need to have managers or office workers. 
App mediates Orderers and workers and arbitrats troubles. 
Persons who earns a lot of income without work in site are reduced. 
App eliminates exploiting class. 
It doesn't need to make a revolution.