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About future Easy parking

How to park 


At first the land owner resister owned land on app. 
Owener must put the photo of its parking space for user to find out a proper space to park clearly. 

Driver searches proper parking checking app. Driver parks proper place. 
Driver taps "park" tab.
Then time count starts.
It's counted every 10 minutes. 
At the time driver leaves, driver taps "out" tab and go out immediately. 
Payment is finished via web payment. 
At last both rate each others. 
This money will transfer to land owner, in the case there is no trouble. 

Low rated drivers 


If you got low rated driver, it will be unwelcomed situation. 
Sometime parking cost is going increasing. Sometime you can't  find proper parking. Because owener can limit some low rated users. 

Boomed number of parking lots 


Using this app, a lot of owners are able to lend their land without spacial equipment. 
So number of parking lots are increased. 
Same time autonomous driving system also starts.
It makes car drivers decreased. 
In these factors the benefit of parking is also decreased. 
In a result, parkings in central will change to buildings or apartment.
And suburban property going to be cheaper.