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About future Convenient real estate agency

First meeting via video call


Its very inconvenient to decide accommodation.
As you know first of all you have to go to the city where you move. 
But how is it?

If you can make a contract via website or app.

you can apply on the app and discuss with an agent.
You can send all documents which you need via internet. 
Once you made a contract and made it without trouble, you don't need to have a interview with staff from next time. 
Even if you are foreigner, you can decide your room and send all your stuffs on the date you arrive. 

If you don't like this room, you can get out any month.

Cancelation charge is free or not so much. 

Completly multilingual staffs


If you can't speak Japanese or Chinese, it doesn't need to worry.

Staffs who lives in your country support you. Location isn't matter anymore.

We use video call for all procedures. 

Smartphone as key 


you can open the entrance door with your own smartphone. 
In the case That you use room cleanly, you can get a discounts. 
The trust is most important in business of real estate. 

Cleaning service for your daily things


If you need a service,your underwear or bed sheets or kitchen plates are cleaned. 

You just put used things outside
autononomous delivery car comes to collect your things twice or three times a day. 
On the same time, immediately they leave new same clothes or sheets or plate which you chosen before. 
It's just like hotel
Of cause staffs wash and return your own clothes or plates as same as normal cleaning shop.