Elephant Daddy’s Research Center

Elephant Daddy’s Research Center provides you hints of future

About future There is no retail stores

It remains only factories and customers

It is the lowest price when a factory ships products to a customer directly.

So it will be factories and customers. 
Only small maker uses internet mediators like amazon
Thus most of real stores are vanished. 
So everything goes very simple.
It is only makers and consumers


Product exhibition malls appear


For example after most of electronic stores are disappeared.

New product exhibition malls are born. 
It's built in central or suburb where it is easy to prepare wide parking. 
There are a lot of products on display.
And there are promoting staffs from each makers explaining. 
Products are never sold in this mall.

Staff never sell and accept money.

Customers buy from only website.

There is no stocks in this mall. 
This mall runs by reward from makers.